When looking at the odds or lines for fights, you will see a number next to each fighter’s name. The fighter with the minus (-) adjacent to their name is the fighter favored to win. The fighter with the plus (+) sign is slated to lose. I exclusively bet on fighters with the plus sign, or underdog, or “dogged” as I like to call it. It’s certainly the more dangerous bet, but adds to the excitement. It also skews my picks so I wouldn’t take anything you read too seriously.

Ryan Thomas (+165) vs. Matt Brown (-210)

Matt Brown we remember is from the last season of The Ultimate Fighter. His first fight in the UFC was a three round battle lost by decision. Thomas is the dog in this one. So I’m guessing the two neophytes go at it for three rounds ending in a decision. I’ll take Matt Brown by decision.

Mark Bocek (-120) vs. Alvin Robinson (-110)

This is the first in a series of fights tonight that I dub UFC 91: Up Yours Gamblers. When both combatants have minuses it means the Vegas odds makers have no clue which fighter is going to win. In other words, the house wins, no matter what the house wins. For every $120 you lay down for Bocek you win $100, and for every $110 you lay down for Robinson you win, well, $100. Bullshit right? There is no advantage for the bettor.

Robinson is a big 155 and more aggressive, I’ll take Robinson over Bocek.

Rafael Dos Anjos (+110) vs. Jeremy Stephens (-140)

Dos Anjos stated in is prefight interview that he’s not afraid of standing and trading with Stephens. If that is the game plan for Dos Anjos, I’ll go with Stephens by KO in round one. It’s always the jiu-jitsu guys that want to stand and trade, it’s sad really.

Aaron Riley (-105/even) vs. Jorge Gurgel (-130)

Another example of “Up Yours” odds making, Gurgel is more likely to win this one. Riley has been out of the UFC for a couple years, and the two fights he does have are losses. Gurgel on the other hand, has been fighting and training fighters consistently for the past two years. I see Gurgel taking this one, via submission in the second or third round.

Tamdan McCrory (+160) vs. Dustin Hazelett (-200)

Here are two tough scrappers coming off wins. Hazelett’s favored, but +160 is a good bet for McCory and this fight is must win situation for both men.

Demian Maia (-240) vs. Nate Quarry (+190)

Dangerous bet on Quarry. Maia is too tough and is a world class jiu-jitsu player. I wouldn’t put money on Quarry. Maia is going to feel this one out until the second round then lock in a submission.

Josh Hendricks (+325) vs. Gabriel Gonzaga (-450)

If Gonzaga shows up, which he usually doesn’t, I see Gonzaga winning in some fashion. Hendricks’ got a shot though. I would lay $100 just for the upside.

Joe Stevenson (+145) vs. Kenny Florian (-185)

Kenny Florian is simply a better fighter. I’ll take Florian -185.

Brock Lesnar (-125) vs. Randy Couture (-105)

Lesner is favored although not by much. Something to keep in mind…Randy is 4-1 when “dogged”. It’s experience versus strength and youth. I can’t bet against Randy