Egotism is rampant among fighters. You could argue it’s necessary to have an ego to be able to fight well. A fighter without confidence is as good as dead inside the ring or the octagon.

You see so many brash fighters out there.

I really do understand what they are trying to do, so I can’t knock them even though they can seem delusional at times.

But what I can’t stand is when fighters or people who want to learn how to fight bring their ego with them to train.

Arrogance inhibits the learning process. And during the training process you are learning.

I think it would be to most fighter’s benefit to leave their ego at the door when they go train.

And instead of being an egomaniacal prick all the time take a few months to develop a mental switch that allows you to turn on that “All go, no quit, my dick is bigger than yours” attitude that is sometimes necessary to beat the guy in front of you.

Your thoughts?