In mixed martial arts competition there are two ways you should execute a takedown.

One is countering your opponent’s strikes with a takedown, and the other is setting up a takedown with strikes of your own. We’ll cover the latter from an orthodox stance.

The First Thing You Need to Make Sure of Before You Shoot In

Make sure you close the distance between you and your opponent.

A proper takedown requires you to be an arm’s length away from the fighter in front of you. A good way to achieve this is by jabbing into range until you land one.

The Takedown Set Up

If you don’t set up your takedown with some strikes it’ll make it incredibly easy for your opponent to defend your shot.

What you want is to attack the opposing fighter in such a way that it forces him to cover up and remain stationery.

After you’ve jabbed in and acquired the range, bomb him with an overhand right.

One of two things will happen:

  • Either you’ll connect and put him down
  • Or he’ll correctly defend by covering up

The latter will momentarily cause your opponent to stop moving, giving you an opening for the takedown.

The Takedown

After throwing your right hand all of your weight will be on your left leg so you’ll use that leg to drop your level and drive forward into a single or double-leg takedown.

The part that will require the most practice is simultaneously throwing the right and dropping your level so you can effortlessly penetrate in for the takedown.

It might take some time, but it’s a powerful weapon to have in your arsenal.