I probably use the hip sweep or hip bump sweep more than any other because even if I don’t complete the sweep it sets me up for the kimura or guillotine when they attempt to block it by posting an arm or by pushing their weight back into me.

Brandon’s in my closed guard
Apr 18 2009_0526.jpg

I put my forearm into Brandon’s neck, come up on my right elbow, and unhook my guard posting my left foot on the mat.
Apr 18 2009_0527.jpg

Continuing to sit up I post my right hand on the mat.
Apr 18 2009_0528.jpg

Turning in a clockwise direction I lift my hips into Brandon’s torso.
Apr 18 2009_0529.jpg

Continuing to turn my hips into him I overhook Brandon’s left arm to prevent him from posting.
Apr 18 2009_0530.jpg

Bumping your hips hard into your opponent will help you complete the sweep.
Apr 18 2009_0531.jpg

The hip sweep then lands you into the advantageous mount position.
Apr 18 2009_0532.jpg