On Today’s MMA Podcast:

  • Our guest is the 1976 Lightweight Olympic Boxing Gold Medalist, President of Fight Time Promotions
    , and Florida American Top Team’s Boxing Coach, Howard Davis Jr.
  • We talk a bit about his work with Thiago Alves for his upcoming fight with GSP, and how ”GSP’s got nothing for Thiago” as Howard puts it.
  • Also we discussed the two MMA fighters he’s trained with the best boxing prowess, two important defensive boxing tactics for MMA, and how striking in mixed martial arts differs from traditional boxing.
  • And we chatted about his upcoming foray into mixed martial arts with the USA vs Brazil MMA Show presented by his company Fight Time Promotions. Sponsorship packages are still available for the Comcast Event broadcast into 35 million homes, please visit FightTimePromotions.com for more details!
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