On Today’s MMA Podcast:

  • Our guest is Paul Greenhill. Paul is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor, a Lloyd Irvin blackbelt, and runs a great site called TheWiseGrappler.com.
  • In the interview we talked about the difference between BJJ Champions and everyone else and Paul’s answer may surprise you (here’s a hint…it’s not talent)
  • Also we discussed the two things you NEED to do in order to progress through the BJJ belts as quickly as possible and how it doesn’t have to take 10 years to get there.
  • And he tells us How he Builds the Foundation for Beginners wanting to compete in BJJ and mixed martial arts.
  • Speaking of building a foundation for beginners, Paul’s got a new DVD out that helps beginners survive off their backs against more experienced grapplers called OG Defense 101…so check that out if you can, but if not make sure you guys go subscribe to his newsletter and DEFINITELY watch the videos (they’re some of the best BJJ videos I’ve seen) over at TheWiseGrappler.com.
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