You ever hear the saying ”It’s not how you start…it’s how you finish”? Well I dig that philosophy, I do, but sometimes remembering how you started or maybe more specifically why you started can make all the difference in the world on how you finish.

Why it’s important to you remember how you started

Cus this shit gets hard. You guys probably know just as well as I do that training to fight is no cake walk.

And at one time or another you’re going to quit, and if you don’t actually quit you’re definitely going to Want to quit…a lot.

When you find yourself in this position—down and depressed and feeling like this whole fighting thing just isn’t for you—it helps to think back and remember why the hell you wanted to fight in the first place.

Why the Hell I Wanted to Fight in the First Place

Growing up I always evaluated myself—as well as everybody else—based on what we were able to do athletically.

Because that’s just who I always looked up to…athletes.

Misguided as that may be, it was my neanderthal perception of reality. If you’re not an athlete, then, well…you suck.

The funny part is I was always a mediocre athlete.

And to add insult to injury I had become a 22 year old non-athlete only working out for appearance’s sake.

I hated that. I hated not having a legitimate purpose to train.

My dream to become a professional athlete was over before it started.

Or so I thought.

It’s 2005, and I’m living with my best friends from high school. I have no real direction in life, nor do I have a clue what it is that I want to do.

That is until one night when my best friend A.J. calls me into the room to watch the replay of some boxing match on Showtime.

Up until this point I had always watched the big fights…Tyson, Holyfield, Roy Jones Jr, but I don’t think you could confuse me for anything more than a casual fight fan.

The replay was of the first fight between the late Diego ”Chico” Corrales and Jose Luis Castillo.

Following a spectacular toe to toe war the bout ended with perhaps the most dramatic round in boxing history.

Downed TWICE in the 10th and nearly out, Diego “Chico” Corrales came back to stop Juis Luis Castillo to cap off one of the best fights of the last 25 years.

You know I’ve seen a lot of remarkable things in my life, but never something that resonated as deeply as the show that those two guys put on.

Nothing moves me like a comeback story.

When I reflect on where things began for me I always view that fight as my starting point.

I didn’t know How I was going to do it or if I really could…I just knew that I wanted people to look at me with the same amount of respect as I had for those guys on that night.

“Everybody has their own fight…”

Yeaaa so what I’m quoting a line from Never Back Down, but it’s true.

Everybody has their own reasons for wanting to fight. Some of your own reasons may not be so different from mine, and for others they probably couldn’t differ more.

But everytime I take a beating in sparring or get my ass handed to me on the mat and want to quit—what drives me to persevere is the thought of never being able to respect myself as much as I did those guys.

This shit ain’t easy, so when you find yourself second guessing your decision to fight, sometimes it helps to remember the start so you’ll make it to the finish.

What’s your story?

Take some time to think about why you started…it’ll come in handy that first time you want to quit.

Trust me, that day will come.

If you feel comfortable please tell me your story below, I’d like to know!