Wouldn’t that be the shit? You walk into your first class and BOOM! You’re already two steps ahead of the beginner next to you who’s been there for weeks.

How Do You Do It?

Before your first visit to a MMA gym I’d like you to get a good grasp of all the fundamental techniques you’re going to be using.

If you know where you’re headed don’t you think it’ll be easier to get there?

Yep—I think so too.

Why Not Wait for Them to be Taught to You?

After I decided I wanted to box and got over the concerns I had about beginning—I started doing some research.

I didn’t want to go in there unprepared (basically I didn’t want to look like a dumbass).

When the instructor says that we’re going to work on the jab first, I didn’t want to be like, ”ummm what’s that?”

Knowing the fundamentals beforehand allows the instructor to spend more time teaching you how to do the techniques and less time explaining what they are.

Well What Exactly do you Mean

I’m not suggesting you go learn all the moves associated with MMA before you start. That’s not practical or possible.

But prior to my first boxing lesson I made sure I knew the names of all the basic punches and what they looked like.

It’ll help tremendously that you’re not seeing or hearing these things for the first time.

Now MMA will be much more complex to prepare for because it combines the disciplines of boxing, brazilian jiu jitsu, wrestling, muay thai, and judo all together.

That’s why you’ll want to break it up if you can.

Typically gyms offer classes specific to each discipline so it is possible. And if it’s a private lesson or MMA class, instructors will always have a topic in mind ahead of time…so ask!

With Boxing you’ll want to know the punches. BJJ you’ll want to know the basic positions. Wrestling you’ll want to know the takedowns. Muay thai you’ll want to know the kicks and clinch tactics. And judo you’ll want to know the basic throws.

Remember that we’re just trying to familiarize ourselves with the fundamental techniques.

Stick to definitions of what they are and pictures of what they look like…not how to do them.

Where do you Find This Stuff?

I learned them from several sources over the years, but I’ll save you the time and provide them for you right here.

Stay tuned!