When I went in for my first private boxing lesson I had zero equipment. Which was ok because they provided what was needed.

So if you decide not to grab any gear before your first MMA class that’s cool too, most gyms will have some of what you need while you decide whether or not you like it anyways. No sense in blowing the money just yet.

But what if you do like it? What should you buy first?

Buy the Protective Gear First

There’s lots of rad shit you can buy, but save your money and just purchase the bare essentials first.

And by bare essentials I mean the stuff that will keep your body parts intact.

What Protective Equipment Should You Buy?

16 oz Gloves: These will cover all your bag work, punching drills, and light sparring.

I don’t suggest the 4.5 ounce MMA gloves because rarely will you spar or drill with them. There just isn’t enough protection. Yes you’ll eventually need them to prepare for a fight, but not now.

If you plan on doing any sparring beyond 50% or can’t resist whacking the heavy bag as hard as you can you’ll have to get some hand wraps. You will hurt your hands if you don’t I promise.

Protective cup: Gotta protect the jewels. I don’t advise participating in any mixed martial arts activity without one.

I thought it’d be ok if I grappled without a cup. But after getting racked in the balls a few times with a knee through the middle, I changed my tune.

Mouthguard: Unless you’d like to spend an inordinate amount of money on dental work then please get a mouthpiece.

It will help prevent you from biting your tongue off, limit the bleeding from strikes, and provide concussion protection when you get clocked on the button.

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Realistically you could buy those things and not have to spend another dime on equipment for your whole first year of training and still be considered well equipped.

You really don’t need much else (If you train at a gym). I mean I love all the trinkets, so I buy all sorts of gear I really don’t need, but that’s just me.

Some Things You Might Want to Invest in Next

Still along the lines of protective gear though. I just think it’s super important to stay injury free so you can train without interruption.

Head gear: Hard sparring without handwraps, 16 oz gloves, and head gear is a no-no.

This is as close to live action as you’re going to get. So make sure you got the head gear strapped on before you start blasting each other.

The last you need before a fight is a concussion or a cut from a head butt.

Knee pads: In BJJ and wrestling your knees spend a lot of time brushing, bumping, and posting against the mat.

Depending on where you train they may have some nice soft mats, if they don’t then it might behoove you to get some knee pads.

They’ll provide some stability and protection from all the carnage that happens on the ground.

Ear guards: No they’re not for just staying pretty (although that might be my logic).

I know you’ve seen the cauliflower ears that plenty of grapplers sport, not cool.

Badge of honor my ass…it won’t help you get any chicks and if they get infected (which does happen) it’ll be a medical nightmare.

Wear ear guards gentlemen.

Shin guards: Shin on shin, no it doesn’t feel good. Checking and throwing kicks will put a beating on those legs.

If you intend on doing any muay thai sparring these are a must.

Rash guard: You’d think that these shirts really wouldn’t matter all that much, but with all the rubbing/grabbing/pushing/pulling that grappling entails it can leave a nice mark if you wear street clothes while rolling.

The rashes are bearable, but if you can avoid them all together why not do it?

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