Fedor Emelianenko, widely regarded as the best Heavyweight fighter on the planet, answers fan questions, and opens up regarding his religion, as well as fight plans.

Fan: Hello! I saw your seminar to train combinations, fighting in the park and everything else. It was interesting, and are similar seminars held in other countries or cities, for example, in Riga?

Fedor: Seminars are planned, but probably not in the near future in Riga. The upcoming seminar will be held in Sergiev Posad.

Fan: What is the cross made of, Fedor?

Fedor: Of cedar.

Fan: Hi Fedor, please tell us what you think, about why Brett missed your punch? Before that attack with you, Brett shortened the distance. Could it be that because of this he lost a little concentration and missed?

Fedor: As soon as the growing fatigue, loss of speed in his hands, dulled sense of distance, I think that this is some of the factors on which Brett missed a strike.

Fan: Do you plan to create a new brand of equipment for Boxing and Wrestling? So to speak Russian brand.

Fedor: No, I do not plan to.

Fan: Fedor, how long you intend to fight in the ring? Do you have a successor who will retain the title of champion for Russia?

Fedor: I would like to as long as possible, but as God wills. A successor has not emerged yet.

Fan: Fedor, please tell me, could see an Emelianenko-Klitschko fight?

Fedor: In what sport? .. (Laughs)

Fan: How did you spend the first fights of you life in competitions or tournaments? Win or lose?

Fedor: The first event in my life – judo – I won. This was in 1987 in autumn. Since there were different performances, different results. I won, and lost … For the most part, even probably lost.

Fan: Hello Fedor. Please tell me whether you have faced anyone in the ring with karate that you can say about them? Many say that karate has little effect …

Fedor: I have experienced karate, but would not say that karate is poor, they just kind of telegraph. In mixed martial arts they are easy to calculate.

Fan: I am 23 years old, weight 110 kg. I want to be squarely addressed to sports at the moment! Will you be training in Moscow? If not, you could tell of good coaches in Moscow? Thanks in advance.

Fedor: If a person was never involved in sports, he should gradually introduce load: Cross training, strength exercises, exercises with a barbell. And if you are going to engage in power martial arts, it is necessary to learn the technique of the martial arts. I would advise you to walk through the schools, find out which champions prepared coaches in these schools and choose the most suitable option. But in 23 years instead of serious sport, I would recommend to do physical exercise and train your body to be fit.

Fan: Fedor, what you are going to do after leaving the big sport? We would like to see you coaching in the education of strong fighters.

Fedor: I do not know, of course, I would like to do a coaching job, but time will tell.

Fan: I constantly watch your fights. I would like to know who will be your next opponent?

Fedor: The next opponent is likely to be Fabricio Werdum. Fight is scheduled for March and April.

Fan: Hi Fedor. Will you soon arrive in the Ukraine?

Fedor: It has been a long time, I think that in January-February, will be visiting Ukraine.

Fan: Hello Fedor! What is your attitude to the army unarmed combat?

Fedor: For close combat I think it is good. I think that for the army, hand to hand combat should be taught in all military branches.

Fan: How many hours of sleep for a better athlete?

Fedor: It depends on loads and well-being. I fall asleep somewhere in the hours of 11 pm and wake before 6:30 am – 7:00 am. And if heavy loads, be sure to nap – 1.5-2 hours between workouts.

Fan: Hello Fedor. I would like to know how you feel about soccer?

Fedor: The game of soccer is good as a sport, and mostly because it’s most popular sport, which takes kids off the street, which makes it easier for kids today.

Fan: Under what musical composition did you come out on fighting somewhere in 2003? Thank you.

Fedor: Under the musical composition of ERA.

Fan: Is it possible to communicate with Fedor in Stary Oskol upon arrival?

Fedor: Maybe. This is best done during the gathering, participating in the training process.

Fan: Fedor, how do you feel about alcohol?

Fedor: Negative.

Fan: Hi Fedor. I’m your big fan, I do boxing. I want to ask this question: were you in the boxing ring? Not going to go into boxing, are you any good?

Fedor: In the competition in boxing I never participated. I do not see the point. I’m still not a boxer, I’m a fighter of mixed styles. Maybe there is a false sense that it’s time to go into boxing, but I do not lend myself to such feelings.

Fan: I am now 15 years old. How to become such a fighter as you? How to start: exercise or nutrition?

Fedor: It is better to start with the school – to continue school or college.

Fan: In the last bout with Brett Rogers after the victory, in the ring there were two priests. One of them held a cross over Fedor, and both were very pleased (as we all were). Here only I doubt whether our clergy is allowed to attend these matches? As they generally belong to the “fights without rules”? What is their meaning in terms of Orthodoxy? Gospel?

Fedor: First, this is not ultimate fighting and mixed fighting style – there are rules here. Secondly, I represent our country in this sport. This is a sport, and it is no secret that sport fosters in young people as a force, and the spiritual and moral direction. And strangely enough, to date, the most adequate youth, who can perceive and how to react to good and bad, to perceive the correct information, it is mostly young people engaged in sports. The rest of the youth brings to life imaginary joys. As for the priests, they went with me at my request. One of them – my confessor Father Andrew, and the second – his father, Vladimir – of Sergiev Posad. I asked for their help, blessing and support, so they were next to me. Sergius Radonezhsky blessed Dmitry Donskoy to defend their homeland, to protect Russia from the Tatar yoke, why can our priests not bless the protection of our country at a sports ring?

Fan: Fedor, the question is this: Do you like team sports, if so, what?

Fedor: I like hockey.

Fan: Fedor in the near future are you going to speak to a school on fights without rules?

Fedor: In the near future I plan to still serve as the school opened today in Stary Oskol, the same will be in Belgorod and St. Petersburg. My private schools do not, and yet this early to tell.

Fan: How do you manage to always be victorious? I think you are a soldier of God.

Fedor: With God’s help.

Fan: Do you have any life motto, that helps you cope with all life’s problems? How can I become as strong as you?

Fedor: As life motto – For all the will of God. I try to live the commandments, live with God, so all His will. And to be as strong – do not think this is the main thing. The main thing – the spiritual forces of man.

Fan: Is there a licensed DVD fought Fedor?

Fedor: Only abroad.

Fan: How can I get training like Fedor Emelianenko??

Fedor: Refer to my coaches. Opened a new sports complex in Stary Oskol. Morning and evening here will take our training.

Fan: I watch your fights and wonder. Where did you take so much effort and what do you think when you get up the morning of the fight.

Fedor: Everything is honed over the years: as physical strength and mental attitude – from competition to competition. A daily struggle, as always start the morning with a prayer. The day I spend with people close to me.

Fan: Fedor are you happy that you are doing this sport, never even felt sorry?

Fedor: I think that happiness should not be in this. But I am glad that I speak in this sport, and, in principle, have never regretted.

Fan: What do you remember from the past year?

Fedor: The most important events of the year, probably my wedding with Marina and winning the tournament … In general I am happy every day, because next to me, my close friends, true friends, which may be more and more important…

Fan: What would you wish for in the coming year 2010?*

Fedor: First of all, I would like to wish everyone good health, happiness, more understanding towards each other, more love. I wish you learn to forgive mistakes, to forgive a lack of understanding, to be kinder. Pay more attention to children, their upbringing. Give them my love. Also do not forget about the older generation – they also need us. I sincerely wish you all live with God, to live according to conscience. This is perhaps the most important thing!

Credit to fedor’s official site for the interview.