got in touch with Gray Maynard after his bout at UFC Fight Night 20, January 11th, against Nate Diaz. Maynard was awarded the split decision victory in the hotly contested bout, a decision that some fans would like to refute. Here are his answers to our questions.

Prior to your bout with Nate Diaz, most fans expected you to be dominant in the fight, controlling him with a dominant top control game and superior wrestling. Although you were awarded the victory, it was in somewhat indecisive fashion. Why were you not as dominant as predicted?

I knew going into the fight, it was going to be a very tough fight. I personally have never seen either of the Diaz brothers get dominated in a fight, and if they do lose it’s usually pretty close. They are southpaws with good reach, black belt level jiu jitsu, boxing, and a good chin. That’s a tough match up for anyone. Maybe I could have added a couple takedowns, but I just need to learn from my mistakes.

After the victory, Frankie Edgar was awarded the title shot. Seeing as how you have beaten Edgar in the past, how do you feel about this decision?

That’s up to the UFC. I think timing was an issue for me. They knew I just got done with a tough training camp and a tough fight, jumping right back into a championship training camp might not be the best idea for me.

Who would’ve performed better against Penn in a title shot? Yourself, or Edgar?

You never know until the fight actually happens. No one is unbeatable in this sport. I know Frankie thinks he can win, and I think I can beat BJ too. If we didn’t, there would be no reason for us to even be in the sport.

Of your last 6 fights, all 6 have gone to a decision. Although you have been very dominant in some of these fights, you haven’t been able to finish your opponents. Do you see this as a negative towards those performances? Do you fight to finish the fight, or fight to win?

Looking at the opponents I’ve fought, it’s a positive. Frankie has never been finished, and his only loss is to me. Rich Clementi has had over 50 professional fights and was on a 6 fight win streak, with one of those wins over Anthony Johnson, when I fought him. Jim Miller has never been finished, and only has losses to Edgar and myself. Huerta has never been finished, and his only real losses were to Florian and myself. Nate Diaz is a tough opponent that has been submitted once early in his career to Hermes Franca. So in reality, I don’t know of too many guys that can beat that list of opponents, much less finish any of them.

What is next for you? Is there any truth to the rumors regarding a bout between yourself and UFC newcomer Takanori Gomi?

I just got to wait to hear from the UFC. Until they tell me anything it’s all rumors.

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