In a lightweight class desperately looking for a legitimate title contender, many of the lesser known fighters are desperately vying for a shot at stardom, a fight that can catapult them into the upper echelon. One of these fighters is Jim Miller.

Aside from a Gray Maynard “speed bump” on his spotless UFC track-record, Miller has made a career out of exciting fights and impressive finishes.

Miller has lately tried to take a relative “step up” in competition, but pre-fight injuries have prevented it from happening. Most recently, Miller was slated to face Tyson Griffin at UFC 108, who had to withdraw due to injury. He was then replaced with Sean Sherk, who had to withdraw from the fight due a nasty cut suffered in training. Miller was forced to settle for UFC newcomer Duane Ludwig.

When asked where he feels his victory over Ludwig places himself in the Lightweight division, Miller responded; “I feel that I have earned the right to fight any of the top guys in the division. I know I can make it a fight with anyone in this weight class.”

Backtracking a year, Miller experienced his first run-in with the Lightweight elite. While Miller suffered a dominating defeat at the hands of Gray Maynard, he feels that a rematch with Maynard would yield very different results.

“I think everything would be different. I didn’t step into the octagon at my best that night, and he took advantage of that. I was a better striker than I showed in that fight, and have improved since then as well.”

So with Miller back en route to title contention, his next challenge lies in Mark Bocek, a very well respected BJJ practitioner, at UFC 111. Miller was nice enough to discuss how he sees the fight going.

“Mark has a grappling back-ground, but has been out grappled in fights. I know I can hang with him on the ground, but that is where he is the most dangerous. I think I will be able to out strike him and use that advantage to flow into the ground game.”

All of us here at AtlanticMMA would like to wish Jim the best of luck in his fight, as well as any other future endeavors.