In a recent interview with the Japanese news broadcaster kampiro, Gomi discussed his upcoming UFC opponent, Kenny Florian.

On Kenny Florian as his next opponent

There is not much to say. This has already been planned for a while. Preparation is going well, and I will not have problems adapting to the octagon. Florian is a fighter with impressive skills, some of the best in the UFC. He is a good opponent for a debut. I will make it a good fight for the fans, and start in the UFC with a win.

On watching fight tapes of Florian

I do not bother myself with this. Today, all MMA practitioners know how to do a little bit of everything. I know he is a dangerous fighter, with a good ground game.

On how he will beat Florian

By first round knockout!

On a potential title shot after defeating Florian

It is all I think about. Since I entered negotiations with the UFC, I always made it clear that the belt is my goal. I will get this title for Japan. It is what we all want.

On potentially fighting UFC Lightweight champion BJ Penn

He is a tremendous fighter, but I know what I am capable of, and I know I’m the right person to cause problems for him in the UFC. I am patient and have no problem waiting for my shot. Dana White knows the importance of this fight for me.

On his loss to Nate Diaz

I lost to Diaz because I did not have proper physical preparation. I thought that the fight would be over quickly, and did not train properly for a long bout.

Brock Lesnar, the heavyweight champion, is one example. He has great technique and good boxing footwork, but his strength is overwhelming to his opponents, and it requires great technique to balance those powerful opponents. However, I will not have any opponents like him in my weight class.

On training at Xtreme Couture

When you train with great fighters, you always learn. I intend to carry out my training in the United States, but I have not decided where it will be. I have received some calls, but I have not thought about it yet.