Footwork is super important for boxing, but it becomes even more important when you apply it in MMA. That is, of course if you’d like to box in an MMA context. Mixed martial arts introduces new rules accompanied by new attacks that boxers don’t typically have to deal with.

The two secondary goals of the MMA boxer are to: stay on your feet, and out of the clinch. Those ancillary goals allow us to accomplish our main goal as an MMA boxer—and that’s to maintain enough space to throw punches.

Footwork is the key to throwing punches

Without proper footwork…or more specifically boxing footwork adjusted for MMA—you won’t be able to land the shots you want to land.

Below is a video I shot to assist you with that adjusted footwork. Watch it then keep on reading.

Why I like to Drill in Patterns

I like to train in patterns…with everything. I think about which offensive and defensive patterns I’m most likely to use in a real scenario, and then I drill them over and over and over again.

If something doesn’t work I’ll revise it til it does. But I think training in patterns is the best way to condition your body to do things automatically. In live sparring, or in a real fight—your body reacts in the way it’s accustomed to reacting. There isn’t much time to think. If you’re thinking then you’re probably getting hit in the face.

Either your trained or your not. You do what you’ve drilled a thousand times. And the things you haven’t drilled are your weaknesses.

Want to make a technique or string of techniques look easy?

Drill them. And drill them in patterns.

The 4 Footwork Flow Drill Patterns

In the video (if you watched it) there are 4 patterns that I drilled. I’ll list them below so you can print it out, take it to the gym, and practice. If you have no clue what the hell I’m talking about when you read the patterns then watch the video, each movement is explained.

  1. Step forward
  2. Pivot left
  3. Quick step
  4. Clinch defense
  5. Dance
  1. Step back
  2. Pivot right
  3. Open close
  4. Shuffle
  1. Step left
  2. Check left
  3. Open close open
  4. Dance
  1. Step right
  2. In and out
  3. 1-2-3
  4. Sprawl
  5. Shuffle


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