Yesterday I gave you the backstory on how my pugilistic career officially began in The Preface so read that if you haven’t yet or care to know what’s going on. Today I’ll tell you how my first training session went.

We’ll call it D-Day because it marks my first day under a professional trainer, but really I’m calling it that just because it sounds cool.

Thrown into the Deep End

As of right now I’m on a self imposed 6 month plan. From a technical standpoint I’m very proficient. My footwork, defense, and combinations are all above average despite being coach-less all these years.

What I don’t have is ring experience. Which you could argue is the most important part.

I mean I look effing fantastic on the heavy bag, but that don’t mean much…like Chong Li said ”brick don’t hit back.”

So I lack a heavy application of my skills. I need to put them into practice way more often, i.e., sparring.

Not that I haven’t done a bit of it, and not that I haven’t been mildly successful with the guys I have been sparring, but to gain a professional level of comfort inside the ring I need to be sparring on a weekly basis.

So what do you know…as soon as I get there Krishna informs me that he’d like me to spar a little.

I was like…”Well damn, we’re not wastin’ time dickin around are we?

Whatever, it was fine by me. There’s nobody in there I should be scared of.

We warmed up then it was go time. I strapped on the headgear, popped in the mouth guard, and laced up the 16 ounces.

Krishna and Tony had never seen me spar before so despite the fact that they thought I was talented they said that the kid I was about to go some rounds with could box and throws at unorthodox angles.

He looked about 18, african-american, and maybe around 165 pounds.

Honestly, the way they apprised me of his boxing…it felt a lot like a warning. I didn’t really care for that , but I guess I can appreciate where they’re coming from. They wouldn’t want me to get hurt on the first day.

I use every slight as motivation anyways.

We got in there and I threw probably 15 jabs, and I think he maybe threw one. All he did was cover up.

Half way through the first round Tony asked what was wrong, why he wasn’t throwin’ punches, and he said he was scared to get hit.

Tony yelled at him. Asked him why he wanted to box if he didn’t want to get hit…then told him to get the hell out of his ring.

So much for ”punches thrown at unorthodox angles.” I have no doubt the kid can box…he probably just got intimidated by the 20 lbs weight difference. He was done mentally before he even started.

I mean I was nervous going into it too, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to be a pussy about it when I get in there.

Fear is a powerful thing. It shuts some people down, and for others it’s a motivator.

Needless to say, I felt pretty good about my first performance in front of my new trainers. I’m just happy I didn’t get in there and fall apart.

The highlight of the evening was the sparring so I won’t bore you with the other mundane details.

We just worked the mitts, and then I headed over to the speed bag and heavy bag to do a couple more rounds alone.

Right now, because of the driving distance (I’m an hour and forty-five minutes away), we’re only training together at the gym once a week. This coming thursday will be my second session.

As we progress in the coming weeks and months the times we meet will have to increase substantially.

Tomorrow I’ll go over what all I do the other days of the week to prepare myself.

Holla at ya boy.