Here are two drills that are taken from my Fast Hands: Boxing Strikes for MMA DVD. The first one is a 17 punch combination that’ll get you accustomed to throwing all the different punches you have available to you and the second one combines your punches with MMA appropriate footwork and defense.

Below the video you’ll find the specific movements written down for you so you can print it out, take it to the gym, and practice.

The 17 Punch Combination

Although it’s not very practical for a real fight, these 17 punches thrown in succession will get you used to all the different positions you body and feet will be in when throwing most combinations.

  1. Jab to the head
  2. Left Hook to the head
  3. Left Hook to the head
  4. Straight Right Hand to the head
  5. Right Uppercut to the head
  6. Overhand Right to the head
  7. Left Uppercut to the head
  8. Left Hook to the head
  9. Right Hook to the body
  10. Left Uppercut to the head
  11. Straight Right Hand to the body
  12. Left Hook to the body
  13. Left Hook to the head
  14. Jab to the body
  15. Overhand Right to the head
  16. Left Uppercut to the head
  17. Left Hook to the head

MMA Boxing Strategy Drill

Now this drill is realistic because we add in movement and defense. If you’ll notice, this particular drill is just a follow up to The Perfect Footwork Flow Drill that I posted a while back, so some of you might have a head start. Below are the four patterns with the punches added in.

  1. Step forward
  2. Pivot left
  3. Double Jab-Right Hand
  4. Clinch defense
  5. Dance
  1. Step back
  2. Pivot right
  3. Overhand Right-Left Uppercut-Left Hook
  4. Shuffle
  1. Step left
  2. Check left
  3. Right Hand-Left Hook to the body-Right Uppercut-Left Hook
  4. Dance
  1. Step right
  2. In and out Jab
  3. 1-2-3-Right Hook to the body-Left Hook to the body
  4. Sprawl
  5. Shuffle


If you liked the video and want more detailed instruction on boxing strikes for MMA then I would encourage you to buy my DVD (of course I would :)).

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