This is an excerpt from The Fighter’s Diet


Lunch is typically on the go for me, so this is where that planning comes in that I was talking about.

In order to keep your metabolism up and running we’ve got to eat our lunch roughly 3 hours after breakfast.

So far its gone like this: Pre-Breakfast, Breakfast, and now lunch.

If you’re getting up at the crack-ass of dawn then you’ll probably have a snack between breakfast and lunch. I’ll talk about suitable snacks in the next post.

But right now…

What to Eat for Lunch

Obviously, there’s no real right answer other than eating a balanced meal, but I’ll tell you what I eat so it can give you at least a couple ideas.

With few exceptions, I usually eat one of a couple different things each day. One, because they’re quick and easy, two, it allows me to think less (always a plus), and three, I found some things I enjoy eating that gives me my balanced meal.

There’s a locally based health food store called Active Edge I go to a whole bunch that sell fresh, relatively inexpensive meals to go. I would think that most cities would have something like this so you just have to look.

There I usually buy a chicken or turkey wrap loaded with veggies in a whole wheat tortilla with a vinegarette dressing.

Subway, and their ubiquitous poster-boy Jared, also offer some options for us on our diet.

There I always get the oven roasted chicken sub on grain bread, with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions, jalapenos, and oil and vinegar. I eat half of it, and save the other half for dinner or something. You’re getting more than enough carbs with just 6 inches, so I wouldn’t suggest wolfing down the whole foot.

Another place I like to go is Salsaritas…it’s an americanized mexican food chain that you can quickly dine-in at. They offer a whole wheat tortilla to go with their chicken burritos that I load with much of the same ingredients as subway and active edge.

If I’m low on cash I’ll make my own wrap at home with these microwavable boneless chicken breasts that I found at the local grocery store (greatest thing ever for the lazy dieter). I’ll place them in some whole wheat/whole grain tortillas with lettuce, little bit of cheese, and lots of hot sauce.

One thing I have seen that I want to try and haven’t yet is Kurt Angle’s new line of frozen foods. If you try it before I do let me know how they are!

What to Drink during Meals

You might not think very much of this, but if you’re not careful the liquid you consume with every bite you eat can completely derail your diet even if you did everything else perfectly.

I implore you to take a look at the nutritional label of any soft drink or sports drink, and you’ll see how much sugar is in each.

Sugar is our #1 enemy (except morning and post workout), so we must be weary of the types of drinks we imbibe.

I drink a diet drink with most lunches and dinners. It’s been my savior. I know that the artificial sweetener put in these things, aspertame, is supposed to be killing people—but the sugar will kill you too…heart disease from obesity.

Besides I’m not sure how much I believe that anyways. And I’m also not saying drink a two liter everyday, I’m saying a 12 ounce can twice a day. If you do it in moderation I think you and I will be fine.

They’re filling, and they’re like dessert all in one. Especially if you try the Diet Cherry Dr Pepper…that flavor is awesome.

Other than that I stick with water and maybe a G2. Or perhaps a glass of milk if I need to add a few more grams of protein to a meal.

Whatever you drink make sure you’re aware of it’s contents.

The Common Theme

I won’t drag this out because I’ve gone over these principles in detail in previous posts, but each of those meals is pretty balanced.

High protein, slow digesting complex carbs, fibrous veggies, lite dressings, low sugar, some healthy fats (and let’s be honest, some unhealthy lol), etc.

Sure, there are things I could leave out so they were better for me, but I’m no monk. I’m from the ”eh, that’s good enough” school of thought. Trying to eat balanced meals (yes, you actually have to try) with the addition of a fighters exercise regimen will lean you down in no time.

The more exercise you do the more flexibility you have with your diet.

Hope this helped!