This is an excerpt from The Fighter’s Diet


Realistically, packing up 3 meals before you head off to work or the gym is a little insane. I’ve taken two many a time, but three? That’s way too much effort.

Thank god for supplements.

When you can you should be eating real food, and not as one of my friends calls it ”space food.” However, when we’re trying to eat every three hours sooner or later we’re going to run into a time where we just can’t get up and go eat.

For example take your average 8 to 5 work day…most of us have day jobs so I think this is the most appropriate example.

You got an hour for lunch, ok cool, but if you ate breakfast at 7:30 AM you need to eat again by 10:30, and if you ate lunch around 12:30 you need to eat again by 3:30.

You can’t just skip out on eating at those times. So what do we do?

Eat a Protein Bar

Now, there are plenty of other valid snacks, but I usually eat protein bars. Or perhaps a protein bar and a piece of fruit.

Just go by GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe and start trying to find some protein bars that you like.

Typically the better they taste the worse they are for you, but in the big scheme of things the fact that you are eating a protein bar over something else is what really counts.

So when I see a bar that I like who’s nutritional label is a little high in carbs and fat I usually ignore it.

What I want out of a protein bar is what I would want out of a well balanced meal. Low in saturated fat, moderate in carbs, high in protein.

Of course it doesn’t always work out like that.

What I really want is a 1 to 1 ratio of carbs to protein. So if it has 20 grams of carbs—it also has 20 grams of protein.

My Favorite Protein Snacks

  • Oh yeahs
  • Carb Conscious Supremes
  • Clif builder bars
  • Big 100
  • Tri-o-plex
Beef Jerky:
  • Ostrim

Some these are so good it’s almost like cheating, but not.