11-0, 10 by way of guillotine (actually it’d be 13-0 with 12 guillotines if they counted his most recent Ultimate Fighter 12 wins). 12 out of 13 wins by way of guillotine…that’s absolutely nuts. I read somewhere that he has the third most guillotine submission wins in the world and one of the guys in front of him has 250 fights.

After I saw his last victory on Ultimate Fighter 12, when everybody knew what was coming yet he still completed the submission, I had to find out what he’s doing differently than everybody else.

He’s lended his name to it calling it ”The Mckenzitine”...clever.

Below are two related videos attempting to explain it. Both are really close to what he does, but he clasps his hands in a different manner than represented.

I think it’s almost like the gable grip except with the thumbs out and bending the wrist back towards your opponents neck.

He demonstrates the hand position at the end of the video below where he fights Amir.