I just released my second eBook entitled ”The Fighter’s Diet” detailing the nutritional methods that I used to lose 12 lbs and drop my bodyfat from 14% to 4% in just under 90 days, and I wanted to give all my readers a significant price break as a big big thank you for all your support!


The book is available at a 65% discount for just $13 until Friday evening at 12 AM EST (Price will increase to $37 after).

So make sure you buy your copy before then!

Here’s a list of the chapters so you can see what you’ll learn inside:


1. The Pre-Breakfast:
  • Why consuming a meal immediately after waking is crucial
  • What the best type of meal to consume is
  • Which early morning tricks you can use to burn fat
2. Timing and Planning:
  • The secret to burning massive calories
  • How to plan ahead so nothing interferes with your diet
3. Breakfast of Champions:
  • The best time to eat breakfast so your metabolism stays revved up
  • What types of food you should eat for breakfast
4. The Properly Balanced Meal:
  • Why it isn’t necessary to haggle with calorie counting
  • A better philosophy on how to lose weight
  • Demystifying protein, carbs, and fat…which you should eat and how much
5. It Requires a Little Discipline:
  • The steps to make it a lifestyle not a “diet”
  • Why the diet’s easier than you think
  • Why cheating sometimes is ok (and even necessary!)
6. Lunch:
  • 4 healthy options for lunch (and the principles to make up your own)
  • The type of drink that’ll be your savior
7. Snack Time:
  • Why carrying snacks are so critical
  • The types of balanced snacks available to you
8. Pre-Workout Nutrition:
  • The proper timing of your pre-workout meal
  • Why you should treat your body like a well-oiled machine
  • Pre-workout supplements that’ll boost performance
9. Post-Workout Nutrition:
  • The two reasons why your post-workout meal is so vital
  • The perfect post-workout refreshment
10. Dinner and Late-Night Meals:
  • Why dining out is not only ok, but encouraged
  • The late-night meal tactic that’ll ensure you burn fat from bedtime to breakfast
BONUS CHAPTER Cutting Weight for a Fight:
  • The four ways to rapidly lose weight for weigh-ins
  • The appropriate steps to take in the weeks leading up to the fight
  • A list of the urgent measures you have to take post-weigh-ins