I’m asked on a continual basis one of the following generic questions: What’s the best thing I can do to lose weight? How can I burn fat? I want to put on a little bit of muscle, how do I do that?

Shortly following my first question (what do you eat?) I’ve realized that my FIRST suggestion is almost always the same…eat more protein.

Protein is the Answer

For all those questions above, the answer could easily be to just consume more protein. Sure it’s slightly more complicated than that, but if there was only one thing I could suggest to everyone who asks me those questions…that would be my response.

Want to lose weight?

Protein in every meal or snack will slow the digestive process so you won’t store fat (or as much).

Want to build muscle, increase your metabolism, and burn fat?

What do you think allows you to do that? Yep, that’s right…protein! Protein is the basic building block of muscle. Build more muscle—that increases your metabolism—which in turn burns more fat.

The Best MMA Supplement

The added bonus to an athlete or fighter is protein will be the number one solution to your body recovering quickly after exerting yourself.

I’m pretty sure most of you who train know the rigors of the sport. Who wants to recover more slowly?

Other than making sure you consume at least 20 grams of protein per meal the best supplement I can suggest for those who fight is just some boring ol’ whey protein powder. I say that in particular because of it’s variety of uses.

It can be a meal replacement, or your post workout recovery shake. And if you buy vanilla you can essentially mix it with anything…juice, water, milk, gatorade, etc.

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