After the long overdue signing of one of the world’s top heavyweights, Alistair Overeem, the UFC provides him with his first test, and a stiff one at that—Brock Lesnar. This is the reason why MMA continues to outshine my favorite sport, boxing, because almost every fight is the next one we want to see. I can’t imagine a better heavyweight match up beyond Velasquez/Dos Santos than this one.

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Lesnar’s coming off his second bout of diverticulitis, and is looking to redeem himself after two lackluster striking performances in a row. In his pairing with Velasquez, you saw what happens to a fighter whose previous strengths are no longer significant advantages. In that fight, Cain’s boxing was far superior to Brock’s, and his formerly indomitable wrestling appeared to be neutralized by a guy with a similar pedigree.

Not much changes in his upcoming match up with Alistair at UFC 141, with Overeem coming in as the favorite at -140 and Brock the slight dog at +110.

Overeem being the world class kickboxer that he is, Lesnar will most certainly need to rely on his wrestling background (the Division 1 Wrestling kind…not the other) unless he wants to suffer the same type of embarrassment that befell him in his last two fights on the feet.

Otherwise, he’s in for a long night…or perhaps a better expression in this case would be a short night. A very very short night.