On Saturday evening there will be no shortage of animosity between UFC 135’s main event combatants—Quinton ”Rampage” Jackson and Jon ”Bones” Jones. The lack of warmth for each other stems from Rampage’s accusation that Jon Jones has a mole inside Jackson’s camp relaying training information back to him and his manager; that, plus a whole slew of snarky remarks made back and forth between the two, put on display for our own enjoyment in this week’s Countdown series, which you can check out below…

If nothing else, at least it’s given Quinton the motivation to be prepared, although I’m not sure how much good it’ll do against the heavily favored Jones. One online betting site has Jon at -500 and Jackson at +375. I’d say those odds are a good reflection of Quinton’s chances.

Despite appearing to be in the best fighting shape of his life, Rampage’s style and physical attributes don’t match up well with that of Jones’, and all the smack talk in the world won’t save him the beating he’ll get in the cage.

Not that I want this to happen mind you. I’d much prefer Jackson to win. His humor is endearing and his boxing style makes him more aesthetically pleasing for me to watch. But Bones is too long, too athletic, too fast, and too well rounded to lose to Rampage.

Though Quinton still does have one chance in my mind—the proverbial puncher’s chance. The one mistake that people make with Jones is allowing him the space to get off. If Jackson can Mike Tyson his way inside the long reach without pausing at the few shots he’ll take on the way in, then maybe, just maybe we’ll get to see him deliver one of his signature goodnight left hooks.

If not?

He loses on points—badly battered along the way.