This is the first of what I assume will be many sparring sessions filmed by Jeff and I…they’ll be not only for our inculcation but for yours as well.

I’m a perfectionist—if I get hit once I feel like I lost—so really the only time I get an objective perspective of my sparring is to film them. Regardless of your own personal disposition I would say this is pretty much true for everybody.

Filming what you do and watching it is the single greatest thing you can do for your training. Promise. I don’t do enough of it, but I’m going to.

Ding Ding (Just imagine Apollo Creed muttering that through his mouthpiece)

The Good

I won’t speak for Jeff…so I’ll let him chime in later if he wants, but I’m the one with his shirt still on (every time I turn around at the gym this guy has his shirt off).

1. I liked my in and out rhythm

2. I had decent head movement

3. The double jab right hand seemed to work pretty well…perhaps could have used the triple jab to help get there when I came up short

4. My jab was fairly active—if he’d have come forward for more attacks it probably would have stifled them a bit

5. I lead or counter with a few good right hands and put together a couple combinations

The Bad

1. I got caught by a few counter left hooks…I adjusted, but those were good

2. Right and left hand were too low at the wrong range or too lazy to bring them back to my chin in the pocket

3. My awareness during exchanges in the pocket. The idea is to get off and change the angle or range…I did change the range with a lean back, but there were no angle changes after combos and I got hit

The Ugly

1. No body work whatsoever…there were times I could of went to the body to freeze his movement. Also there were openings to the body when I decided to go to the head—when in fact a good body shot would have set up the shots upstairs. Gotta go head, body, head, body like the pride of lowell Mickey Ward.

2. Committing to my combinations/punches. There were a few times I really stepped in with my shots and it worked. If you’re gonna go then go…no hesitation. Yes I/you need to use feints, but when it’s time to throw—go homie. I know neither one of us were in there trying to kill each other (we have to work with each other after we’re done) but that’s no excuse for not stepping with your shots. You’re opponent’s most likely going to back out of range, only way to reach him is to commit and step hard.

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