For our pattern of the day we’re going to do something that will frequently happen…which is piecing together patterns back to back.

Now, we have successfully strung together 26 patterns in a row by memory(why do you think it’s called flow drills?). I don’t know as if you guys care to be that psychotic about it, but you’re more than welcome join in on our obsession.

Here’s a more reasonable combination of patterns. PODs 1 and 2.

PODs 1 & 2

3-3-2-R UP-2-3-2-STEP FORWARD
3-3-2-R UP-2-3-2-STEP BACK
3-3-2-R UP-2-3-2-PIVOT LEFT
3-3-2-R UP-2-3-2-PIVOT RIGHT
3-3-2-R UP-2-3-2
Block R-R Up-Block L-L Up
2-3-2-Under R-Under L-3-2-
Check Out w/3
1-1-Roll-2-3-2-Under R
Block R-R Up-3-Block L-L Up-2
Check Out w/3


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