Many of you, I’m sure, can empathize with the difficulties of facing a southpaw. EVERYTHING comes at you out of sequence from what you’re use to with an orthodox fighter.

But really the only reason why we have issues with it is because we don’t face it often and lack familiarity with it.

In order to solve that I began creating combination patterns with my mitt holder standing southpaw. It really helps to have the feel of someone in front of me in that stance, with that guard, throwing punches in that sequence, and defending shots the way a southpaw would.

Check out the highlight video below:

What if you’re a southpaw?

Well, first of all I’m sure you guys are plenty familiar with orthodox stances…but this works perfectly for your mitt holder because it’s the same patterns for you guys, you just switch your mitt holder to orthodox!.

Southpaw vs. Southpaw? Refer to Mittwork Flow Drills: The Basics and just do exactly the opposite of what Orthodox vs Orthodox does. Simple.


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