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“MMA Blog” Articles for February 2009

MMA in the Morning Feb. 27th Podcast

By Jonathan Stamey (February 27, 2009)
Posted in MMA Blog

Today’s MMA Headlines:

  • The rest of the UFC 98 Frank Mir vs. Brock Lesnar card has been announced
  • (You can listen to the podcast here or by subscribing to ”MMA in the Morning” on iTunes=... (Read more)

ESPN's MMA Live Episode 42

By Jonathan Stamey (February 27, 2009)
Posted in MMA Blog

Jon Anik, Kenny Florian, and Franklin McNeil recap UFC 95 and preview WEC 39.

MMA in the Morning Feb. 25th Podcast

By Jonathan Stamey (February 20, 2009)
Posted in MMA Blog
Gina Carano

Today’s MMA Headlines:

  • What’s Gina Carano doing now?

Dana White's UFC 95 Video Blog

By Jonathan Stamey (February 21, 2009)
Posted in MMA Blog

Dana plays with his kids, visits the ultimate fighter, and goes on a profanity-laced tirade after the UFC 95 weigh in.

Wilson Gouveia Wants Title Shot

By Matt Scott (February 20, 2009)
Posted in MMA Blog

Following his victories over Jason MacDonald and Ryan Jensen, Gouveia is set to return to the octagon at UFC 95 in London, England this Saturday.

He had the following to say about his opponent, Nate Marquardt:

_”I have much respect for Nate, he is a great fighter and always trained hard to give all his best in the octagon. After Anderson Silva, he is the best at middleweight. For me, he is the main candidate for the t… (Read more)

BJ Penn's "Vaseline-Gate" Video

By Jonathan Stamey (February 20, 2009)
Posted in MMA Blog
Vaseline-Gate releases a video to sway public opinion on the validity of GSP’s victory.

The clip is professionally edited, and very very convincing…had me.

Find more videos like this on BJPENN.COM

Episode 41 of ESPN MMA Live

By Jonathan Stamey (February 20, 2009)
Posted in MMA Blog

MMA Live previews UFC 95 Sanchez vs. Stevenson

Video: 'Stitch' Duran on Greasing

By Roman Skaskiw (February 20, 2009)
Posted in MMA Blog

MMA remains a young sport. The now-famous, and likely accidental greasing incident during the GSP vs BJ Penn fight has sparked a discussion which I think will be good for MMA in the long run. A sport’s integrity as an objective contest must be preserved.

In this video, ‘Stitch’ discusses some common sense rule changes enacted in the wake of the controversy.

Damian Maia Discusses Upcoming Bout

By Matt Scott (February 19, 2009)
Posted in MMA Blog

What do you expect of this fight against Chael Sonnen?
Of course he is a tricky opponent, he’s very strategic, will try to annul my game all the time, will try to make his points and try to stay away from the ground, not to expose and try to win the fight on points, this is what is complicated about him. He is a guy with a high level of Greco, Grappling, always efficient for a MMA fight. But I believe in my Jiu-Jitsu… (Read more)

An Intro to Cutting Weight for a Fight and The 4 Ways to Accomplish It

By Jonathan Stamey (February 17, 2009)
Posted in The MMA Diet
Kenny Florian Weighing In

The idea behind cutting weight before a fight stems from the concept that you want to be the biggest and strongest within the weight class at which you fight. So theoretically the fact that you have done so will give you an advantage over your opponent. Given that skill, technique, and will are about equal the fight will be won by the bigger stronger fighter.

The perfect exa… (Read more)










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