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“MMA Blog” Articles for July 2009

Lloyd Irvin BJJ Blackbelt Paul Greenhill on Today's MMA in the Morning Podcast

By Jonathan Stamey (July 17, 2009)
Posted in College of BJJ
Paul Greenhill with Lloyd Irvin

On Today’s MMA Podcast:

  • Our guest is Paul Greenhill. Paul is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instructor, a Lloyd Irvin blackbelt, and runs a great site called
  • In the interview we talked about the difference between BJJ Champions and everyone else and Paul’s answer may surprise you (here’s a hint…it’s not talent)

... (Read more)

Everything You Need to Know Before Your First Amateur MMA Fight

By Jonathan Stamey (July 15, 2009)
Posted in MMA Rules & Requirements
Elite Championship Cage Fighting

On Today’s MMA Podcast:

  • In the interview we talk a bit about what he looks for in a fighter as a promoter, and where he finds them.
  • Also we discussed what kind of experience you should have, the different … (Read more)

MMA Workout Expert Matt Wiggins on Today's MMA in the Morning Podcast

By Jonathan Stamey (July 03, 2009)
Posted in Mixed Martial Arts S & C
Matt "Wiggy" Wiggins

On Today’s MMA Podcast:

  • Our guest is Matt “Wiggy” Wiggins. Matt is a strength coach, columnist for MMA Weekly, and designs some well respected MMA workout programs on a site called
  • We talk a bit about how a *MMA Fighter should tra… (Read more)










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