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“MMA Blog” Articles for April 2010

Becoming a Pro Fighter: The Training Regimen

By Jonathan Stamey (April 29, 2010)
Posted in MMA Blog

Rocky, Million Dollar Baby, Cinderella Man, Ali, and Diggstown (which surprisingly is my favorite boxing film) all have at least one thing in common: the prerequisite training montage. I’m sure Marky Mark’s upcoming portrayal of Irish Micky Ward in ”The Fighter” will be sure to follow suit as well.

And with shows like HBO’s 24/7 and Spike’s Primetime/Countdown series there’s no doubt that people are enamo… (Read more)

Becoming a Pro Fighter: D-Day

By Jonathan Stamey (April 27, 2010)
Posted in MMA Blog

Yesterday I gave you the backstory on how my pugilistic career officially began in The Preface so read that if you haven’t yet or care to know what’s going on. Today I’ll tell you how my first training session went.

We’ll call it D-Day because it marks my first day under a professional trainer, but really I’m calling it that just because it sounds c… (Read more)

Becoming a Pro Fighter: The Preface

By Jonathan Stamey (April 26, 2010)
Posted in MMA Blog

Once upon a time (I love stories that begin like that don’t you?) becoming a professional fighter was just a pipe dream for me. Picking up boxing at the age of 22 after never having done it before is no way to enter into a profession—not with optimism at least.

Nevertheless I began anyways.

I toiled away for years in the hopes that one day someone might take an interest in me—see my potential, and take the ti… (Read more)










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