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“MMA Blog” Articles for October 2010

65% Off The Fighter's Diet

By Jonathan Stamey (October 27, 2010)
Posted in The MMA Diet
The Fighter's Diet

I just released my second eBook entitled ”The Fighter’s Diet” detailing the nutritional methods that I used to lose 12 lbs and drop my bodyfat from 14% to 4% in just under 90 days, and I wanted to give all my readers a significant price break as a big big thank you for all your support!


The book is av… (Read more)

The Heavyweight Picture in the UFC Right Now

By Jonathan Stamey (October 26, 2010)
Posted in MMA Betting

This is a guest post from Damon

I originally thought that I was being contacted to write for Atlantic MMA because I was in the running for Ring Girl of the Month. When it was pointed out that I’m a guy, and not particularly that gorgeous, I realized the err in my ways and cancelled the Brazilian I had scheduled.

So allow myself to introduce…myself.

I am Damon. “Sports betting analyst”, handicapper an… (Read more)

The Cody Mckenzie Guillotine Choke

By Jonathan Stamey (October 23, 2010)
Posted in College of BJJ

11-0, 10 by way of guillotine (actually it’d be 13-0 with 12 guillotines if they counted his most recent Ultimate Fighter 12 wins). 12 out of 13 wins by way of guillotine…that’s absolutely nuts. I read somewhere that he has the third most guillotine submission wins in the world and one of the guys in front of him has 250 fights.

After I saw his last victory on Ultimate Fighter 12, when everybody knew what was comi… (Read more)

Defending the Boxer's Takedown

By Jonathan Stamey (October 23, 2010)
Posted in School of Boxing

As someone who wants to just box in a mixed martial arts match I’m most susceptible to the single leg takedown. A boxing stance is typically more bladed than the average striker or grappler’s stance—which in turn puts the front leg further out there for the taking.

I’ve squared my stance off to my opponent a little more AND worked to improve my single leg takedown defense in case my lead leg gets snatched up.

Below is… (Read more)

How to Escape Double Underhooks

By Jonathan Stamey (October 23, 2010)
Posted in School of Boxing

Continuing on the obvious theme of this blog, boxing for MMA, if possible we want to stay on our feet and out of the clinch. But as you may have noticed, almost every fight ends up in the clinch at one time or another.

Our goal here is to break out of that clinch to resume boxing.

Your opponent’s goal is to dirty box, grab a dominant muay thai clinch hold, or pummel for double underhooks to put your ass on the mat.

... (Read more)

How to Escape the Clinch...Rua Brothers Style

By Jonathan Stamey (October 23, 2010)
Posted in School of Boxing

Our first priority is to stay out of the clinch entirely if we want to box for MMA, but many a time we’ll be matched with someone who’s adept at getting us into one.

So it’ll be important to know how to escape a dominant clinch hold as a way to avoid that potential worst case scenerio.

Here the Rua brothers demonstrate just that…take a look.

How to Defend & Counter Clinch Attempts

By Jonathan Stamey (October 23, 2010)
Posted in School of Boxing

This video fits in nicely with what we do here on this blog—teaching you guys how to stay on your feet, and out of the clinch so you can just box in an MMA setting.

I came across these instructors because a gentleman from their gym Striker Fight Center contacted me for a listing in our MMA gym directory…I found their instructional videos to be rather informative, they should make more!

Check it out.

How to Box like John "The Hitman" Hathaway

By Jonathan Stamey (October 19, 2010)
Posted in School of Boxing

Coming off a loss to Mike Pyle at UFC 120 this past weekend doesn’t change the fact that this kid knows how to fight.

Here’s a quick video of John mixing some offense, and defense with some counters.










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