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“MMA U” Articles for March 2009

How to Set up the Offensive Takedown for MMA

By Jonathan Stamey (March 18, 2009)
Posted in Wrestling School
Kenflo Demonstrating the Double Leg

In mixed martial arts competition there are two ways you should execute a takedown.

One is countering your opponent’s strikes with a takedown, and the other is setting up a takedown with strikes of your own. We’ll cover the latter from an orthodox stance.

The First Thing You Need to Make Sure of Before You Shoot In

Make sure you close the distance between you and your opponent.

A pr… (Read more)

One Muay Thai Kick That Needs to be in Your Arsenal

By Jonathan Stamey (March 14, 2009)
Posted in Muay Thai College
Muay Thai Push Kick

When you watch mixed martial arts competition you see plenty of kicks, but the one you don’t see utilized as much is the push kick.

Now the fighters that do use it always seem to be the ones whose base discipline is in-you guessed it-muay thai. Surprise surprise, right?

There are three very important reasons why they use it:

  1. To judge distance (similar to a jab)
  2. As a set up for ano… (Read more)

The Mechanics of a Fighter's Step

By Jonathan Stamey (March 03, 2009)
Posted in School of Boxing
Orthodox Fighting Stance

This may seem trivial to some, but burgeoning mixed martial artists always have difficulty with the fighter’s step (my own terminology). Hell, I see professionals that have limited mobility because of it.

The difference between the average pedestrian and a fighter is the pedestrian can walk forward without having to return to a particular position before they take another step.

The simplest explanation for t… (Read more)

Egoless Training

By Jonathan Stamey (March 03, 2009)
Posted in Fight Psych 101

Egotism is rampant among fighters. You could argue it’s necessary to have an ego to be able to fight well. A fighter without confidence is as good as dead inside the ring or the octagon.

You see so many brash fighters out there.

I really do understand what they are trying to do, so I can’t knock them even though they can seem delusional at times.

But what I can’t stand is when fighters or people who want to learn how to… (Read more)










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