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“MMA U” Articles for February 2010

How to Strike Through the Ear Muffs

By Jonathan Stamey (February 20, 2010)
Posted in School of Boxing

Today I’m going to respond to a reader’s email as part of my post. I enjoy interacting with you guys, so if there’s any of you reading this that have questions please send them on over to

Hi Jonathan!

My name is Abner, I’m from Brazil

I downloaded your e-book “Boxing Bible” for MMA, very good book! Congrats!_ 

_I’ve been training Muay Thai for 4 years, and I’m very goo… (Read more)

What's the Difference Between a Brown Belt and a Black Belt?...Apparently A Lot

By Jonathan Stamey (February 18, 2010)
Posted in College of BJJ

Over the past few days I’ve been exchanging emails with Serra Jiu-Jitsu’s Billy Hofacker, Billy Ho (cool nickname right?) is a Matt/Nick Serra brown belt and runs a site called Not to mention he manages a Serra Jiu-Jitsu location and instructs there.

In those emails we’ve been dis… (Read more)

The Boxing Bible for MMA

By Jonathan Stamey (February 18, 2010)
Posted in School of Boxing
The Boxing Bible for MMA

Check out my new eBook ”The Boxing Bible for MMA: Everything You Need to Know to Box Successfully Inside the Cage”

Here is the chapter listing:

  • What You’ll Need to Build Your Boxing Game
  • Understanding the Concept of Range
  • Basic Boxing Stance and Footwork for MMA
  • The 5 Main Punches
  • The Stand-Up Guard
  • The Best Way to Box for MMA
    ... (Read more)










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