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BJJ Grip Fighting Intro with Blackbelt Joe Hurst

By Jonathan Stamey (March 30, 2016)
Posted in College of BJJ
Joe Hurst with Helio Gracie

A clip from Monday’s class on Grip Fighting with 3rd Degree Blackbelt Joe Hurst.

5 Ways to Counter Back Mount Defense from Renzo Gracie Blackbelt

By Jonathan Stamey (August 20, 2014)
Posted in College of BJJ

Renzo Gracie Blackbelt Derek “TC” Richardson stopped by Atlantic FC to show us these 5 tips to counter your opponents back mount defensive maneuvers:

1. Secret to the level of your hips during their bridge

2. One trick to an unbreakable back mount grip

3. The Chris Weidman way to set the finish for a RNC

4. Which side to dump them to prevent their back to mat escape

5. A sub t… (Read more)

Guillotine Defense to Keylock

By Jonathan Stamey (March 26, 2013)
Posted in College of BJJ

Here is Joe showing how to defend a guillotine choke and move into a keylock against an unsuspecting opponent.

Footage of Atlantic MMA Instructor Joe Hurst on Helio Gracie's Home Mats

By Jonathan Stamey (March 24, 2013)
Posted in College of BJJ
Joe Hurst with Helio Gracie

As far as we know Joe’s the only American to ever set foot on Helio Gracie’s home mats. In the video below you’ll see him with Helio, Relson, & Royler Gracie back in 2000.

It’s a hell of a video for any BJJ enthusiast.

Royler Gracie's Theory on Escaping Cross Mount

By Jonathan Stamey (March 21, 2013)
Posted in College of BJJ
Joe Hurst & Royler Gracie

Joe spends some time waxing on old Jiu-Jitsu stories and theory that he experienced first hand in Brazil.

One Sneaky Mount Escape

By Jonathan Stamey (March 21, 2013)
Posted in College of BJJ

Two angles to an alternative mount escape when you can’t trap the arm, from BJJ Blackbelt Joe Hurst.

One Underhook Pass & Guard Pass Prevention

By Jonathan Stamey (March 14, 2013)
Posted in College of BJJ

Here is some video from one of the classes with Joe teaching how to properly Shrimp and do an Underhook Pass.

How to Develop Your Mount Submission Game

By Jonathan Stamey (March 01, 2013)
Posted in College of BJJ
Mount Game DVD

If you’re looking to enhance your set-ups, transitions, grip breaks, and overall game from top mount position—who better to learn it from than Gracie Barra Blackbelt Joe Hurst.

Check out the highlight video from our Mount Game: Attacks from the Top DVD below:


If you liked the highlight clip and would like to learn all the drills and concepts above “CLICK … (Read more)

A De La Riva Sweep When Your Opponent Stands from BJJ Blackbelt Shawn Burton

By Jonathan Stamey (May 15, 2012)
Posted in College of BJJ
De La Riva Guard

Just a continuation of the previous two posts on the De La Riva Guard. The last sweep he gave us was when your opponent posts his knee up inside your guard, he continues with this variation when your opponent decides to stand.

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The Importance of Shrimping for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

By Jeffrey Carter (May 15, 2012)
Posted in College of BJJ
Shrimping for Jiu-Jitsu

This drill is one of the most fundamental drills to perform in all jiu jitsu. You have to ask yourself what you do the most when defending from any bottom position. You will go to your survival position and immediately go to shrimping.

You may wonder why it is that time and time again I find myself in a position that I can’t shrimp out and gain space? Let’s look at the fundamentals.

Shrimpi… (Read more)

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