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3 Common Concerns that Shouldn't Stop You from Beginning MMA

By Jonathan Stamey (August 25, 2009)
Posted in Fight Psych 101
Age Doesn't Stop Randy Couture

You’re hooked! You’ve been bitten by the MMA bug. You want to fight, but before you find a gym, buy some gear, and begin training you’ll ask yourself…

Can I Really Do This?

I don’t know about you, but IMMEDIATELY after I decided I wanted to box I began thinking of all the reasons why I couldn’t:

  • I’m way too old to start
  • There’s no way I’m tough enough
  • Am I physica… (Read more)

How Not to End your MMA Career Before it Begins

By Jonathan Stamey (August 15, 2009)
Posted in Fight Psych 101
Corrales vs Castillo

You ever hear the saying ”It’s not how you start…it’s how you finish”? Well I dig that philosophy, I do, but sometimes remembering how you started or maybe more specifically why you started can make all the difference in the world on how you finish.

Why it’s important to you remember how you started

Cus this shit gets hard. You guys probably know just as well as I do that training to f… (Read more)

Egoless Training

By Jonathan Stamey (March 03, 2009)
Posted in Fight Psych 101

Egotism is rampant among fighters. You could argue it’s necessary to have an ego to be able to fight well. A fighter without confidence is as good as dead inside the ring or the octagon.

You see so many brash fighters out there.

I really do understand what they are trying to do, so I can’t knock them even though they can seem delusional at times.

But what I can’t stand is when fighters or people who want to learn how to… (Read more)

How Much of the Fight Game is Mental?

By Jonathan Stamey (October 30, 2008)
Posted in Fight Psych 101
Fight Psychology

Maybe a better question is, how much of the Fight Game do YOU think is mental? Perhaps a little day dreaming exercise will help us figure that out. Keep reading, and try it out…this is about as cathartic as it gets.

What Percentage is Physical? What Percentage is Mental?

Sports psychologist Gary Mack, author of Mind Gym: An Athlete’s Guide to Inner Excellence, likes to have his profess… (Read more)

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