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An In-Depth Look at Your Glove Choice

By Jonathan Stamey (September 23, 2011)
Posted in MMA Equipment

This is a guest post from Eon

As a beginner Martial Artist, there will be a number of very confusing things to consider. The first will be how to avoid your trainer’s right hook. The other confusing item is what type of MMA gear to purchase.

There is one item that you will not be able to live without. Gloves! An essential piece of equipment, glo… (Read more)

25% Off BJJ Basics: Jiu-Jitsu for Beginners DVD

By Jonathan Stamey (May 05, 2011)
Posted in College of BJJ
BJJ BASICS: Jiu-Jitsu for Beginners

We just released our first grappling DVD entitled BJJ Basics: Jiu-Jitsu for Beginners covering the principles, positions, and strategies that will give you a 6-month headstart in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu before you even set foot on the mat.

Here’s a sample clip:

If you still have less than 6 months of training under your belt or have never had the luxury of a qualified instructor then this DVD is for … (Read more)

Three Things You Should Do Before You Begin Your MMA Workouts

By Jonathan Stamey (April 03, 2011)
Posted in Mixed Martial Arts S & C

Before you start the workouts I’m going to lay out for you it’s a good idea to have some simple barometers in place so you can track your success. Measurable results are what motivate us, both in fitness levels and appearance.

I’ll be the first to tell you that I’m not much of a numbers guy, I usually go by feel and look and that’s what has worked for me, but since I hired a strength and co… (Read more)

One Trick That'll Improve your Grip Strength for Grappling Today

By Jeffrey Carter (March 14, 2011)
Posted in College of BJJ
Improve Your Grip Strength for Grappling

If you want to improve your grip in any form of grappling, whether it be Gi, No-Gi, or MMA, I am going to tell you the one tool to start using in the gym today.

Bring a hand towel with you!

Not a wash rag, but a decent size hand towel. What are you going to do with this you ask?

You are going to start using it for the mechanics of every workout.

Been doing tricep pull downs with the bar? Not anymore… (Read more)

The Number 1 Rule for Fighting

By Jonathan Stamey (February 22, 2011)
Posted in Mixed Martial Arts S & C

”You know the escape, you just got tired. What’s the lesson?” ”Don’t get tired.” ”Let the other guy get tired.”
-Chiwetel Ejiofor in Redbelt

For me, I’ve always attempted to avoid conditioning. Not that I’m not in good shape, I mean I am but not ”fighting shape”…there’s a difference. It requires the total athletic package for one main purpose—don’t get tired.

There are secondary and tertiary goals su… (Read more)

The Jab-Left Hook Combination

By Jonathan Stamey (February 15, 2011)
Posted in School of Boxing
Left Hook

Shot a short how to video on the jab-left hook combination for you guys.

For more tips on the individual punches and their footwork please check out my MMA Boxing DVDs: Fast Feet or Fast Hands

%{color:red}CLIC… (Read more)

One Simple Concept to Increase Punching Power

By Jonathan Stamey (January 26, 2011)
Posted in School of Boxing

Those who think power punchers are born, not made, are idiots. I am my own example of that. I think my sister used to have more power than me…now I got a right hand that’ll move a tank.

There are plenty of technical pieces to the punching power equation such as: footwork, rotation, weight distribution, the delivery, and even a strength & conditioning component.

But the title says concept, not techniqu… (Read more)

The Best MMA Supplement

By Jonathan Stamey (January 24, 2011)
Posted in The MMA Diet
Whey Protein Powder

I’m asked on a continual basis one of the following generic questions: What’s the best thing I can do to lose weight? How can I burn fat? I want to put on a little bit of muscle, how do I do that?

Shortly following my first question (what do you eat?) I’ve realized that my FIRST suggestion is almost always the same…eat more protein.

Protein is the Answer

For all those questions above, the answer could easily… (Read more)

65% Off The Fighter's Diet

By Jonathan Stamey (October 27, 2010)
Posted in The MMA Diet
The Fighter's Diet

I just released my second eBook entitled ”The Fighter’s Diet” detailing the nutritional methods that I used to lose 12 lbs and drop my bodyfat from 14% to 4% in just under 90 days, and I wanted to give all my readers a significant price break as a big big thank you for all your support!


The book is av… (Read more)

The Cody Mckenzie Guillotine Choke

By Jonathan Stamey (October 23, 2010)
Posted in College of BJJ

11-0, 10 by way of guillotine (actually it’d be 13-0 with 12 guillotines if they counted his most recent Ultimate Fighter 12 wins). 12 out of 13 wins by way of guillotine…that’s absolutely nuts. I read somewhere that he has the third most guillotine submission wins in the world and one of the guys in front of him has 250 fights.

After I saw his last victory on Ultimate Fighter 12, when everybody knew what was comi… (Read more)










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