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Enter BJJ Blackbelt Joe Hurst Mount Game DVD GIVEAWAY!!!

By Jonathan Stamey (March 04, 2013)
Posted in MMA Blog
Mount Game DVD

For the release of Joe Hurst’s Mount Game DVD Atlantic MMA is giving away 4 copies ($29 Value) for FREE!!!

To Enter

Do one of these three things by this Friday March the 8th:

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People will be entered into a drawing and winners announce… (Read more)

How to Develop Your Mount Submission Game

By Jonathan Stamey (March 01, 2013)
Posted in College of BJJ
Mount Game DVD

If you’re looking to enhance your set-ups, transitions, grip breaks, and overall game from top mount position—who better to learn it from than Gracie Barra Blackbelt Joe Hurst.

Check out the highlight video from our Mount Game: Attacks from the Top DVD below:


If you liked the highlight clip and would like to learn all the drills and concepts above “CLICK … (Read more)

Advanced Guide to Hitting the Speed Bag, Double-End Bag, & Heavy Bag

By Jonathan Stamey (August 22, 2012)
Posted in School of Boxing
Advanced Boxing Bag Strategy

Before getting in a session on the Speed Bag, Double-End Bag, or Heavy Bag take a look at this video clip below. It’s important to have a strategy or a goal in mind when you begin your workouts. Starting with a purpose allows you to improve your individual skills much faster than just aimlessly hitting them.

Hopefully this will help!

%{color:red}BUY THE ADVANCED BOXING BA… (Read more)

UFC 150 Preview

By Ralph Purificato Jr. (August 10, 2012)
Posted in MMA Blog
Edgar vs Henderson I

UFC 150 is upon us featuring the rematch of former champion Frankie Edgar against the man that took his Lightweight Title, Benson Henderson. The card also features the following fights, previewed to help your UFC betting

Frankie Edgar vs Benson Henderson
Frankie Edgar enters his 3rd rematch in 6 fights as he tries to take his belt back. Edgar did well in the first … (Read more)

UFC on Fox 4 Recap

By Ralph Purificato Jr. (August 06, 2012)
Posted in MMA Blog
Lyoto Machida vs Ryan Bader

The UFC was on Fox for the 4th time and delivered a great night of fights. I imagine that both Fox and the UFC are very happy with the performances put on by all the fighters and we should expect the ratings numbers in the coming days. While going up against the Olympics is tough, the broadcast should have done as well as can be expected given the name recognition on the card.

Fight Results and Future Match-ups

Mike Swick made his… (Read more)

UFC on Fox 4 Breakdown

By Ralph Purificato Jr. (August 02, 2012)
Posted in MMA Blog
Shogun vs Machida

This Saturday night the UFC returns to Fox for the fourth time. I don’t know about you but as a long time MMA fan I love it every time we get free MMA on a mainstream network! Oh how far we have come.

Not only that but Saturdays fights features 4 of the top Light Heavyweights vying for a shot at the title. Originally Dana White indicated the winner of the Rua vs Vera main event would be awarded a title shot but fan and media bac… (Read more)

FOOT SPEED: Footwork for Fighters DVD $7

By Jonathan Stamey (July 20, 2012)
Posted in Mixed Martial Arts S & C
FOOT SPEED: Footwork for Fighters DVD

How can you develop Manny Pacquiao-like speed and footwork? Watch the video clip below…


To learn all the drills and concepts in the video above just click on the DVD cover below.

Breaking Down the Different Types of Boxing Bags

By Jonathan Stamey (July 20, 2012)
Posted in MMA Blog
Ali Hitting the Heavy Bag

This is a guest post from Rob at

If you are shopping for a new boxing bag but are unsure of what you really need, you may benefit by researching the various boxing bags on the market. Each kind of bag is designed for a specific purpose, fighting style and athlete, so learning about the different types of boxing bags can help you decide precisely what bag will best suit your require… (Read more)

Jiu Jitsu Gi Deal

By Jonathan Stamey (June 01, 2012)
Posted in MMA Blog

Want a great bjj gi for the summer at a great price? Pick up today’s BJJHQ deal – the Fuji Summerweight Jiu Jitsu Gi for $80 (normally $100).

Jiu Jitsu Gi
Sizes A1-A6 available.

A De La Riva Sweep When Your Opponent Stands from BJJ Blackbelt Shawn Burton

By Jonathan Stamey (May 15, 2012)
Posted in College of BJJ
De La Riva Guard

Just a continuation of the previous two posts on the De La Riva Guard. The last sweep he gave us was when your opponent posts his knee up inside your guard, he continues with this variation when your opponent decides to stand.

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