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Jerome Le Banner vs. Mark Hunt 5

By Matt Scott (December 11, 2008)
Posted in MMA Blog
Mark Hunt has stated that former K-1 superstar Jerome Le Banner will be fighting K-1 2001 Grand Prix champion Mark Hunt.

This could be a battle for the ages. In their last four bouts (under K-1 rules), Hunt has won once, with Le Banner taking the other three.

Mirko "CroCop" Filipović vs. Hong Man Choi

By Matt Scott (December 10, 2008)
Posted in MMA Blog

Mirko “CroCop” Filipović will be fighting Hong Man Choi at Fields Dynamite. has learned from a close FEG official that Mirko Crocop will be taking on Hong Man Choi at Fields Dynamite. K-1 Korea Official has just confirmed this.

More on this as it develops.

Joe Lauzon vs. Hermes Franca- Confirmed

By Matt Scott (December 10, 2008)
Posted in MMA Blog
Joe Lauzon

According to Joe Lauzon will be taking on Hermes Franca on Saturday September 7th In Tampa, Florida at the USF Sun Dome.

Joe Lauzon is a dangerous lightweight competitor and a TUF alumni. A graduate of the Wentworth Institute of Technology in 2006 with a Bachelor’s degree in computer networking, he worked as a network administrator before he be… (Read more)

Black Belts, Contracts, And New Blood: UFC Lightweight Round Up

By Joseph Bonsignore (December 10, 2008)
Posted in MMA Blog
UFC 91

It’s been a big week for UFC lightweights thus far. Over the weekend, Brooklyn’s own and TUF finalist Phillipe Nover was given his black belt by Alexandre “Soca” Freitas. He had the following to say:

“My teacher Soca gave me my black belt today. It has been a long journey and I have finally arrived. I’ve been training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for over 8 years. To me, obtaining a black belt brings … (Read more)

Pro MMA Radio Interview with Chael Sonnen

By Scott Macovi (December 09, 2008)
Posted in MMA Blog

In a very candid interview, Chael Sonnen comments on his career and his plans for the future. After coming off of a controversial loss against Filho, then dominating him in the rematch, the WEC has folded the 205 division. So what does the future hold for this ex-UFC fighter? What does he think of the UFC?

“Unlike everyone else in the UFC, I am not scared of Anderson Silva. Not one time in the 25 minutes if … (Read more)

UFC Fight Night 16 Video Previews

By Matt Scott (December 10, 2008)
Posted in MMA Blog

Interviews featuring some of the fighters involved in tonight’s Fight for the Troops event.

Koscheck vs. Yoshida

Wiman vs. Miller

Swick vs. Goulet

Inside MMA 247

By Matt Scott (December 10, 2008)
Posted in MMA Blog

Kenny and Bas welcome a pair of top fighters to the show as Jon Fitch and Joey Villasenor stop by. Also on the guest panel is writer John Morgan from Inside MMA airs Fridays at 9pmET.

Panel discussion

Toe to Toe with El Guapo

Kruck’s Corner

Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza Interview

By Matt Scott (December 10, 2008)
Posted in MMA Blog
Ronaldo "Jacare" Souza

Ronaldo Souza is one of the top grapplers in the world, and has transitioned himself into one of the most promising young Middlewights in the world. He is the 2004 and 2005 Openweight World Jui-Jitsu Champion, and 2005 ADCC Absolute Division runner-up, only losing to Roger Gracie.
Thanks to for the great interview.

How is the life in the United States?
I stay al… (Read more)

UFC Fight Night 16: Fight for the Troops

By Mike Crowley (December 10, 2008)
Posted in MMA Blog
Josh Koscheck

Josh Koscheck vs. Yoshiyuki Yoshida
Mike Crowley: Koscheck is on the rebound from his unanimous decision loss to Thiago Alves’ Muay Thai skills in UFC 90, so he’s definitely got the hunger for a win. Guys like him need to prove themselves. Alves beat him but it wasn’t a beat down, and I don’t think Yoshida has what Alves has, so, Koscheck by unanimous decision.
Matt Miller: I think Yoshida’s … (Read more)

Michigan Cage Fighting: Trends and Obstacles

By Mark Stromer (December 10, 2008)
Posted in MMA Blog

An article in the Detroit Free Press describes the explosion in MMA popularity in martial arts studios and entertainment venues. From the article:

_Taking note of cage fighting’s skyrocketing popularity, Michigan lawmakers paved the way earlier this year for professional bouts in the state with monetary prizes. Under the law enacted in Marc… (Read more)








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